What students and colleagues say about Dr. Ann:

“She is a natural teacher and it is apparent that she loves teaching also. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Richard Brennan, Director of the Alexander Technique Centre, Galway, Ireland

“I appreciate the way you worked with the singers…making them feel so comfortable, yet achieving remarkable results in such a short amount of time.”

– Janette Ogg, Shenandoah University

“Working with Ann, a gifted Alexander teacher, has given my cello a voice of great resonance which enables me to share my whole being when I play. At the same time, because of the Alexander lessons with Ann, I have grown and continue to grow into the person I am meant to be.”

– Roberta G.

“Your expertise was a true gift to the kids and the conservatory. Thank you for your easy nature and wonderful talent. The students flourished under your tender loving care.”

– Trish Clark, KCTC, Lexington, KY

“She is organized, professional, kind and caring with students and colleagues and an inspiration to many whose lives she has touched and mentored during all these years in Kentucky. I consider Dr. Rhodes a wonderful team player, a great colleague and a friend who I admire and respect.” 

– Noemi Lugo, D.M.A. Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy

“Dr. Rhodes has a charismatic personality that quickly elicits a willing response from all who are present. She has a great sense of humor and is truly committed to and knowledgeable of AT.”

– Virginia Bowles, Asst. Professor of Voice, Asbury College

“Just watching her work with other people made me conscious of my own body and aware of the typical problems she pointed out on them.”

– Shannon B.

“Dr. Ann’s extensive knowledge of the voice as well as the Alexander Technique makes her an ideal Alexander teacher for singers. She is a compassionate teacher who conveys a wonderful sense of empathy to her students. As I continue to integrate her suggestions regarding my posture, alignments, breath, and presence, I can hear, feel, and see the difference in not only my singing, but my students’ singing as well.”

– Sarah Maines, DMA, Voice Teacher, Portland, OR