Poise and performance

Is your performance as a musician, vocalist – or in everyday life – hindered by tension or pain? Is this affecting the quality of your activity? The source is likely poor habits that feel right because they are part of your everyday experience.

Through the Alexander Technique, Dr. Ann Rhodes helps her students become more aware of habits that create tension - teaching them to think and respond in a more balanced and free manner. The result is performance that is more poised and expressive.

Results Dr. Ann's Students Have Experienced:

Awareness of the mind/body connection, particularly in performance

“The work I did with Dr. Ann and the Alexander Technique transformed my cello playing and the way I live in my body, mind and spirit. The person I am and the music I share is light-filled.”

"Alexander Technique changed the way I perform as a vocalist. I realize my entire body is part of my technique and affects my instrument in different ways.”

“As someone who is naturally hyperactive, I need the Alexander Technique to ensure that my demeanor as a performer is calm, cool and collected.”

Relief from stiffness and tension triggered by performance anxiety

“I recently performed in Chicago and each night before I went on stage I took time to think about my posture and release tension. By the time I stepped on stage, I was completely relaxed and ready to perform to my fullest potential.”

"Before studying Alexander Technique with Dr. Rhodes, I was always so nervous and tense that I dreaded any time I had to perform in front of other people.”

Breathing techniques for more fluid thinking, movement and performance

“I was super stiff as a beginning vocal student. As I learned breathing techniques and proper posture, I was open to new possibilities and really learned to stay loose even in strenuous conditions."

“The AT skills I learned from Dr. Ann still impact my performance experiences.”

“Each time I come out of a lesson, I feel all sorts of possibilities.”

Relief from aches and pains often caused by tension

“Because of AT, many of the aches and pains I used to have seem to have vanished.”

“I still use AT techniques I learned from Dr. Ann on a weekly basis to help with tension in my shoulders.”

Relaxation that allows for joy in performance

“I actually finished my recital saying, ‘I want to do this again!’ instead of ‘It’s finally over.’ It was the most relaxed performance of my life.”

“I found joy in performance again because I could finally relax and create the sound I had been crafting in the practice room.”

Improved quality in everyday life

“Because of the Alexander lessons with Ann, I have grown and continue to grow into the person I am meant to be.”

"Thank you for showing me how to be free both in body and in spirit."

“I am grateful for the Alexander Technique each and every day.”


"I would enjoy helping you reach your full performance potential through simple, yet transformative, mind/body reeducation.”
- Dr. Ann

Dr. Ann Rhodes is a former professor of vocal music who has been actively involved in the study and application of the Alexander Technique for nearly 35 years. She started formal study of the Alexander Technique in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and continued training in Leeds, England. Dr. Rhodes received her certification in 2006 from the Alexander Technique of Cincinnati, an American Society of Alexander Teachers’ training program.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Rhodes has specialized in working with vocalists and instrumentalists at colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and England and Ireland. She has been an active participant in workshops and conferences in Kentucky; Ohio; Virginia; California; London, England; and Galway and Limerick, Ireland.

Dr. Rhodes currently maintains a private voice and Alexander Technique studio in Charleston, South Carolina and teaches workshops nationally and internationally for singers, musicians, students and teachers of the Alexander Technique, as well as introductory workshops for all those interested in the technique.

“I’ve focused my career on guiding hundreds of vocalists and instrumentalists using the Alexander Technique to enhance their performance. My work with vocalists allows them to sing with more ease and integration of their technique, breath and body. All musicians learn to explore practice and performing with more freedom, buoyancy and expressivity.“
- Dr. Ann

Ways to Learn

Work Shops

Workshops, custom-designed by Dr. Ann, bring benefits of the Alexander Technique to groups.

Private Classes

Private lessons are the heart and soul of Dr. Ann’s Alexander Technique work. The one-on-one interaction stimulates measurable outcomes.


What students and colleagues say about Dr. Ann


Poise and Performance • Ann G. Rhodes, DMA AmSAT