January 5, 2017


The Alexander Technique reeducates your neuro-muscular-skeletal coordination.

More than 100 years old, the Alexander Technique is a hands-on method for reeducating your neuro-muscular-skeletal coordination. In “chair” and “table” work and in “movement.” A certified teacher restores your natural poise and integrity, giving you a new experience of lightness and ease. The Alexander Technique is unique as it works with the whole organism — the brain, neurological system and muscular-skeleton system.
Using conscious thought and self-awareness of the body’s functioning, the Alexander Technique works by stopping or “inhibiting” a habitual way of being, and thus allows for the opportunity for change to take place. The key is in the “allowing” that opens the possibilities for the choice to be different from the habit.
These habits are patterns that run our lives daily. The more ingrained the habit is, the more layers of patterning there are in the action or thought. The more patterns, the more our mental awareness is removed from the experience.

Through AT, students “free up” their bodies so their torso and spine will rebalance, resulting in more balance and poise in their stance. Having more ease and buoyance in the body improves performance, replacing unnecessary tension that makes it more difficult to sing or perform as expressively as possible.